Virginia Home-Based Counseling, P.C. (VHBC)

Virginia Home-Based Counseling, PC is dedicated to providing Intensive In-Home Services to qualified recipients in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  VHBC services are for children and adolescents, ages 4 to 20 years old, who are at risk of being removed from their home or community or transitioning back home from an out of home placement due to mental health concerns.


VHBC’s Behavioral Therapy Program

VHBC’s Behavioral Therapy Program services are intended to improve the functional behaviors of the enrollee by integrating multi disciplinary clinical and medical services with the behavioral therapy protocol to increase the enrollee’s adaptive functioning and communicative abilities. Family training and counseling related to the implementation of the behavioral therapy is included as part of the service.  

 This service is for individuals with developmental delays, autism, and intellectual disabilities. This service is provided by VHBC to individuals ranging from the ages of 4-20. 


Virginia Support Services, PC (VSS)

Virginia Support Services, PC is dedicated to providing Mental Health Skill-Building Services to qualified recipients in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VSS services are for adults ages 16 years and older with mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders who have impairments in major life activities.  VSS’s purpose is restoring an individual’s level of functioning and promoting autonomy.

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